Raw feeding - what else to add to diet?

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I have an 18 month old Labrador, she’s quite small for a lab and would only eat her kibble if she was starving, I tried various ranges and she didn’t really show interest in any, and recently she started losing weight (not huge amounts) had a vet check and no health issues causing it. I read up about raw feeding and it seemed like such an obvious thing to do! I’ve opted for buying frozen packs of minced human garden grade meat (including bone) from a local pet food store, feed her one and a half of these (this was the recommend amount for her weight/ideal weight) per day, split between 2 meals. I add a little smart barf powder to one of these meals. So now I’m adding in a bigger variety of meats - started on chicken, added in turkey, adding beef duck liver etc. But what else do I need to add? I’ll be getting some raw meaty bones but how much do I need to give her these? I know a lot of raw feeders say mince isn’t the best way to do it and you should go for just raw meaty bones or whatever but this isn’t an option for me.

Just want to be sure I’m feeding the right balance and variety for her to be healthy.

Thank you!


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    There are some groups and forums on here that discuss raw diets, but I am not sure how active they are. you could try to join some.. in the mean time I would talk to your vet and possible to people at the pet food stores. I am pretty sure you should be adding a few veggies and such to their diet. And possible some supplements

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