Please advise

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Can anyone please offer up some suggestions

We have two chihuahua puppies and although these are not our first Chi's this is the first time we have two to manage and train from puppy up.  I'm having problems with discipline and potty training.  Can someone suggest what books are good.  There are so many out there and I don't want to end up with 10 or 15 books and still have problems.


  • GPC2012GPC2012 Posts: 9Member
    I guess this site is dying or something.  Nobody can take the time to offer up a suggestion about a dog training book they like or is it nobody reads that kind of book.  My problem is that I don't have unlimited supply of money I need to pay bills and fill RX that cost way to much since my medicare replacement plan seems to think they are paying their share. 
  • GPC2012GPC2012 Posts: 9Member
    OOPS some of it got lost.  I can't afford to classes let along one of those expensive training programs
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    I am not up on the best books... But I do know when training you need to be consistent.   Taking them outside at the same time each day will help and making sure to praise them every time they go outside.   

    I would check places like amazon to see the reviews on dog training books then go from there 

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    Take your dog outside every hour, when she potties make sure to praise her and reward her with treats. Do this over and over and she will eventually get the hang of it.
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