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Moosehead Bar



  • Scooter_Trudy_BillyScooter_Trudy_Billy SevernPosts: 84,783Member ✭✭✭
    edited 11 July, 2016
    It's been a year since the Moosehead Bar was opened. I met so many of my first dogster pals...right here....Buddy, Jovi, Biscuit, Dylan, Sammy, Jebbers, Digger, Sadie, Murphy, Champ, Kasey, Soda, Charlie, and my dogster hubby, Oz. To this day we are still "married". :c9 I have since left to be reunited with Dylan, Champ, and Kasey, but always know we watch over you guys. I love you guys and all the memories here. I'll catch you on the other side.... *flies away to join her friends at the bridge* |:||/a/||:||/a/||:||/a/||:||/a/|
  • Alison KingelinAlison Kingelin MiltonPosts: 31,004Member
    edited 12 July, 2016
    Wow, I can't believe it's been 10 years since I opened the Moosehead Bar! What great times we've had! Trivia nights, parties, weddings, and of course, lots of great conversations. Thanks to all my staff who took time to help run the place and make sure every visit was a great one: Murphy, Natcho, and so many others. Love you guys! ❤️ Thanks as well to the customers who kept this place hopping! The friendships made here will last a lifetime, they'll just be in another location. |:| I'm opening a Moosehead location at the Rainbow Bridge to continue on the fun for those who had to leave. I was going to make Scooter the chef, but as she holds the record for fastest eater on Dogster, maybe l'll make her Social Director. :))! *Wipes down the bar stools and counter tops and refills the dogarita machine. Cooks up some Timbits and plates up some nachos." I have to go back to the Bridge with Scooter, but as always, please help yourself to drinks and some food. I sure will miss this place. |:||r|
  • Alison KingelinAlison Kingelin MiltonPosts: 31,004Member
    edited 12 July, 2016
    Murphy, are you ever going to unload that barrel from the truck and bring it in? :?:))!
  • Scooter_Trudy_BillyScooter_Trudy_Billy SevernPosts: 84,783Member ✭✭✭
    edited 12 July, 2016
    :))!:))!:))!:))! dang that boy is slow! :)) Dylan was smart not to put scooter in charge of the food. There won't be any if she's in charge! She'll make a good social director up there Dylan. Pups like her and she's made a good number of cat friends too ;)
  • OzfozzOzfozz OshawaPosts: 9,366Member ✭✭
    edited 13 July, 2016
    :-h :-h *pours a coffee and sits down at the bar* 10 years? Man, I wasn't even born when this place first opened up. I remember when I was too young to drink here :))
  • OzfozzOzfozz OshawaPosts: 9,366Member ✭✭
    edited 13 July, 2016
    *yawns* It's too darned early for this, but the little brother insisted I stop by. Scooter :xo: Some of our best memories came from the Moosehead, I'll never forget them (even with all the memory loss that comes with old age BOL). Even though I haven't been around much these past few years, know that I still think about you every day. I've tried to do you proud by eating fast, but I don't think I'll ever be able to beat your record ;) We'll be together again one day, I know you'll be the first one at the bridge to meet me :) I'm glad pups are coming back one last time to say goodbyes. It's sad, but it's nice to have a reunion, reminder of the old days.
  • Brittany LaTouchBrittany LaTouch PAPosts: 37,569Member
    edited 13 July, 2016
    Sorry I never unloaded the barrel Bol! We have so many amazing memories and we're sad it's coming to an official end. Growing up on Dogster was weird but I'll never regret it! I learned so much, I'm also glad that I got a chance to meet a lot of you in person! I'm glad we can keep in touch. We love you guys :B
  • Scooter_Trudy_BillyScooter_Trudy_Billy SevernPosts: 84,783Member ✭✭✭
    edited 14 July, 2016
    We love you guys...I began my dogster journey right here. I remember little pup Cobain :c9 I remember smurphy murph and how the girls swooned :)):c9:f:xo: I met one dude...and that's all it took. Oz, I will be there to meet you. I watch you from heaven and you are still as adorable as ever :c9:xo::B|:| Know what's cool? I have met all of you...Oz, Coby, Dylan, Biscuit, and Murph. Now that is super cool :D
  • Candice SedighanCandice Sedighan CalabasasPosts: 22,438Member
    edited 3 November, 2016
    It took a few tries to remember my password but wow I didn't know Dogster was still here! I thought they were shutting down the community areas a while ago. So glad to still see this here. Welcome to the bridge Scooter |r| Hugs to your mama |:| So glad to see some familiar faces that were here this year.
  • Carly ThomasCarly Thomas Posts: 6,374Member
    edited 18 January, 2017
    For anyone who happens to read this! Although I do not think anyone is around anymore. Natcho passed away September 21st, 2016. She lived a great and loved 12 years of her life. I am sure she is happy to be with her friends at the rainbow bridge.
  • Sandy_Kramer_etcSandy_Kramer_etc BangorPosts: 109,053Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 6 March, 2017

    No Longer Lost BOL

    Sandy aka Thumper
    Sandy's Archived page
    We celebrate my birthday and Gotcha Day on Jan 3 though we do not know when I was born

    Kramer's Archived page
    We celebrate my birthday and Gotcha Day on Jan 3 though we do not know when I was born

  • DoxieLoverDoxieLover Posts: 9Member

    i sure wish dogster hadnt changed so much..we lost Sarah's Lady Roxanna, Brittney, Sammy, Honey...pretty much all the old pups over the years since the old dogster closed. sure do miss them. New pups have since joined the family. Now there's only one canine member of the family, her name is Katanya- a 12 year old german shepherd

  • DoxieLoverDoxieLover Posts: 9Member

    if schumi, jellybean, minnie, or any of my old friends is still around hunt me down even if you dont recognize my name, you will recognize my dogs. one that has been unable to be located is my piebald dachshund puppy's profile, mickey his "adoptive dog parents" were Jellybean and Minnie, and Brittney's "adoptive dog dad" was schumi.

    I just finished rereading this entire thread and i feel so bad for going MIA when i lost access to my account.

  • kaylahudsonkaylahudson Posts: 25Member
    *bailey walks in wagging her tail* hey guys id like a coffee with a apple pie please 
  • lulnishalulnisha Posts: 12Member
    Ooo that sounds yummy Bailey ! I forgot dogster had these forums still getting used to the new dogster!
  • kaylahudsonkaylahudson Posts: 25Member
    It is I’m sorry, I haven’t caught your name? I’m Bailey 💕
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