Is there a way to change aggressive behavior?

I have recently adopted a hound mix named Charlie. A coworker of mine was fostering him and before I adopted him she made it clear that he was kind of aggressive and had issues with men and children. He has been nothing but sweet to me and he generally likes my roommates but if they start waving their arms around or something he starts to growl. My brother walked up to my car to see him right after I got him and Charlie tried to bite him and the same happened with my dad. It only seems to be certain people though. This morning I was walking him and a neighbor asked to pet him and I said no, it's not a good idea considering Charlie already had his teeth bared and was growling but the man didn't listen and reached for him and Charlie lunged at him but I pulled him back with the leash. Is there any way to change this behavior? I don't want a child or somebody to be unnecessarily bitten. Especially my dad and brother.


  • allanaw929allanaw929 Posts: 7Member
    There are many great behaviorists out there which you definitely need but in the meantime please put a muzzle on him when you are out. If he bites someone he'll be destroyed and I'm sure you don't want that. It's fairly easy to get a dog to accept a muzzle (watch some YouTube videos on the subject but I used Kong meat spray and lots of praise with a foster dog and it worked great). Always used one of the plastic cage muzzles tho, never the fabric muzzles as they're dangerous. Good luck 🍀 
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