Training my 10 week old puppy.

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So I just got a new puppy and I want to start training her but I don’t want to teach her with treats as a reward and she doesn’t understand a toy as a reward and she’s doesn’t know what good girl means yet. I’ve taught my other dogs on treats and they don’t obey anymore without it. I don’t want my puppy to think she gets a treat everytime I need her to do something. What do I do???


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    Use treats, but not every time.   do a command give her a treat.  Do another command and give her a scratch in her favorite spot.   give her a command and a treat them a command and then say good girl.   using treat works good, but they need to not expect one for every command. 

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  • MistoMisto Posts: 3Member
    Thank you. She is already learning fast! I sometimes give her a treat and then I reward her with praise at the same time so I think she understand what good girl means now and I’ve started also giving her toys as a reward and she seems to understand that better now too because she listens to my commands and then gets excited when I grab a toy and praise her. She’s doing so well. She is sitting on command. I’m still working on lay down. I will be working on stay soon too.
  • MistoMisto Posts: 3Member
    I’ve also taught her to look at me even when she hears a distraction just so that when I’m training her she keeps her attention on me. She’s doing very good on that one as well.
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