Does anyone know anything about schnauzer paradise in west va? We are buying a puppy from them.

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  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
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    This(?): "You will find that our prices are much lower than many other kennels; this is because we do not deal with miniature schnauzers 'just for the money'." Makes one wonder just how much they've spent on genetic health testing. Not all of those tests are cheap. "We are NOT a 'Puppy Mill'! We thoroughly enjoy working with our miniature schnauzers, each one of them is like a dear family member. We enjoy letting others take part in owning low cost, yet top quality registered schnauzers " I'd think that a good breeder would give more information than that as to why they are a good breeder. I see no mention of genetic health testing. They seem to rely on "champion lines". While these are great, they do not account for health. "We have Several Varieties of Miniature Schnauzer pups to choose from. We Give FULL Breeding Rights" That's not good. Giving breeding rights to just anybody often ends up disastrously. Good breeders don't do this unless they know and trust the customer well. "We give you 7 days to return the puppy to us,," Only seven days? A responsible breeder will take the puppy back any time. Their guarantee is not very good or thorough, either. I do not recommend buying from this breeder. Red flags all around. My website is about breeders and responsible breeding: ~Tiffany, breeder-in-training
  • Sarah SanchezSarah Sanchez WoodbridgePosts: 91Member
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    I agree this place doesn't sound like a place I would buy from. Even the name screams puppy mill. I would stay away from them.
  • Lindsay PicheLindsay Piche Posts: 166Member
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    I agree. The name itself, "Schnauzer Paradise" is a name I wouldnt even look twice at because it sounds sooooo puppy mill. You should be able to ask for references and call people up to see how their dogs are doing now and how it was dealing with the breeders. I did not get a chance to look at the website before sending my reply but I want to take a look for myself. The points that have been made regarding pieces taken from the website and very valid points. I hope you shop around....when buying a purebread you really do need to make sure it's from a reputable breeder, if not you risk taking in a puppy with problems.
  • bonnie kasperbonnie kasper Posts: 452Member
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    I'm totally in agreement with the other posters as well. Unless you can visit the breeder in person and see exactly how those animals are living and get answers to questions about their breeding schedules, litters, etc., then I wouldn't bother. I would never buy from an out of state,on line breeder at all. Find a responsible breeder near you so you can personally check them out with a visit to their kennel and grounds. Do the research and ask for references (although those can be skewed too). Quality breeders don't give out "breeding rights" unless the animal is intended for show/competition. Pet quality animals will come with a neuter/spay clause. Good luck :-)
  • Jessica DavisJessica Davis Nashua, NHPosts: 190Member
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    I just tried to look up their website and found it is disabled!!! from what i read in the fist answer, it screams puppy mill!!!!! i wouldn't get a puppy from them. i would instead say to check local shelters see if you find one, if not find a reputable breeder. if you look on for schnauzer rescue you pull up a lot of listings... maybe you can find one in your area.
  • Evelyn CummingsEvelyn Cummings Posts: 11,879Member
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    Prior to the site being disabled, I saw absolutely NO mention of any health checks for hereditary conditions, actually, worse, there was no acknowledgement of any hereditary conditions in the mini schnauzer, of which there are quite a few. Do not go there, you can do way, way better!!!!
  • Michelle BradleyMichelle Bradley CaliforniaPosts: 3,684Member
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    I didn't even need to go to the site to see the opinions of other Dogsters here whose judgement I really respect.....don't buy from these people. Never go to a doctor who advertises. And never trust someone who has to say they aren't a puppy mill. And at the risk of sounding like a broken record, please consider adopting. Schnauzers are a popular breed and in most cities, there are rescues dedicated just to their breed.
  • tonya bensontonya benson Fairmont WVPosts: 1Member
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    Yes I had got a schnauzer from here 2007 and she is the best dog I have she is so smart and healthy. I wasn't so sure about the place and yes there is a lot of dogs in cages i have never seen a puppy mill but i am not sure that is what it was they had alot of dogs running in out of there home also. i luv my maggie and i would get another from there.
  • Jacqueline PageJacqueline Page Posts: 2Member
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    Yes this place is a puppy mill in the Grantsville, W.Va. area. I bought a black male schnauzer from Ms. Peck in November 1999, he is now 10 years old and has had multiple health problems including seizures, cushings disease, skin boils and he was given to us before he was even winged!!!! I had to bottle feed him and due to non-socialization with other pups his social skills are not too good. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! Look for local breeders that do not have many caged dogs and that do not have litters available every other few weeks.
  • Linda PeckLinda Peck Posts: 1Member
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    Hello, This is Linda Peck of Schnauzer Paradise. I would like to reply to some of the things written above by people who have never visited our kennel, nor have even spoken to us on the phone, and evidently do not know anything about us, other than seeing our website and making a hasty bad judgment and then extending that bad judgment to others. Upon finding this forum thread and some of the responses by strangers that are almost slanderous. I would like to let everyone know that our kennel is open to anyone who would like to come and visit and make their own judgment in person. I'm very sorry that some of you feel that our kennel is a bad kennel, we believe that you would not feel this way if you would have visited us in person. Perhaps you should visit us and then visit other 'reputable' kennels and then decide for yourself. We have great references that we would be glad to share with anyone. We would like to extend this informal invitation to visit us in person, to any and all people who have any doubts or fears about our kennel from reading the above comments from strangers who have never visited us, nor know anything about our dogs or their health. Other breeders are welcome to visit us as well. We take the utmost care with our dogs and their health and wellness, and we limit our breeding. Final note- to the person who claimed to have received a puppy with health problems. Please contact us, as we were not made aware of any problems with your dog. -Linda Peck
  • sherry brinkersherry brinker Posts: 1Member
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    I would recommend buying from schnauzer paradise in WV. I purchased 2 beautiful female puppies from them earlier this week. I had went there shortly after the puppies were born to pick them out with my children, and it was a very pleasant, and memorable experience my family will always remember. The owners are very nice and honest people who care about their animals and take pride in them. I picked then up on Monday and took the puppies to the vet on Wednesday for a health check. The vet said that they are very healthy and commented on their gorgeous hair. Roxie belongs to me and Ollie belongs to my mother. They already know their names when you call for them, and we are doing well with potty training. They are very smart too be so young. I would definately do it all over again!!
  • Prentice TheierlPrentice Theierl Posts: 1Member
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    I bought my wonderful white female miniature schnauzer from Mrs Peck this past February. We have had no problems from this puppy, no medical problems what so ever. I definitely would recommend this site to anyone looking for a reasonable priced registered miniature schnauzer. My family friends have bought puppies from her in past. Schnauzer Paradise is located outside of Grantsville, WV and it isn't a "So called Puppy mill" as you all would think. Thank you Linda Prentice Theierl
  • Teresa LonCavishTeresa LonCavish Posts: 1Member
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    Everyone is making a judgement about schnauzer paradise without even checking it out. I have seen dogs that come from puppy mills, and I would never think of getting a puppy from one of them. Schnauzer paradise is NOT a puppy mill! Yes, Linda has a lot of schnauzers, but they are all groomed, healthy, have plenty of room to run and play and are well cared for. You don't find any of those qualities of the poor dogs kept at puppy mills. I got a puppy from Schnauzer paradise and it is healthy, playful and a delight to my family. Linda takes the time to answer all your questions and is very knowledgable. Please, if you are considering a schnauzer, don't make your decision on something unless you check it out yourself. You'll be glad you did!
  • Kathy NaumannKathy Naumann Posts: 1Member
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    I'm shocked that readers would be so quick to judge negatively about schnauzer paradise. This June I lost a schnauzer I had for fifteen years, and decided I wanted to have a second one of the same breed in my home. I found schnauzer paradise online and talked and emailed with owner Linda Peck directly. In May I drove over three hours to go pick up my new female pup and loved the country setting; I got to play with numerous pups and make my final decision with a friend who had traveled with me. Now, in September, Gracie Lyn is a 12 pound happy salt and pepper schnauzer and I know exactly where she came from - and it was NOT a puppy mill. Anyone who visits there personally would never call this beautiful country setting a puppy mill - price was right, the pup was healthy, and she has all the spirit, loyalty and loving nature I expected from this breed.
  • S BellS Bell Posts: 1Member
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    I bought two wonderful little puppies from Linda 6 years ago and they are great. I got these dogs for pleasure not for breeding. They both have a few little quirks but otherwise they are great and have been strong and healthy and loving. Schnauzers are a quirky breed especially the minutures - I raised standards with my grandma as a child and believe me we had blue ribbon dogs imported from Germany and their litters had issues even with quality show dogs. Linda's kennels and house are spotless for as many dogs as she has it is amazing - pet stores should take a lesson from her. You can tell she loves her dogs when I got my Patrick he was young but his mother stopped feeding (which is not unusual) but he did fine - Linda gave him a haircut and he only weighed one pound and seven ounces - he was a cutie pie and still is - my Daisy I got 6 months later and she is wonderful and shares Linda's birthday - don't judge her - she is wonderful and loving breeder.
  • Rita SoelwinRita Soelwin Posts: 1Member
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    I got my puppy from Ms. Peck two and a half years ago. We drove all the way out to WV from Northern VA, it was a long trip but all worth it. IT IS NOT A PUPPY MILL! The puppies are bred at home. We met Linda and her whole family. We saw her grandkids playing with the puppies, we also go to meet the mother of our puppy. Dasher is almost 3 years old now, healthy, happy and so kind. Every time I take him to places and people asked me where I got him from, I always tell them about "Schnauzer Paradise". In fact, one of our neighbors got a schnauzer from them because of our recommendation. My coworker loves Schnauzers because of our Dasher and she's about to get her's from Linda. My parents have had schnauzers for over 40 years in our home growing up. Believe me, I know a good breeder.
  • Cheri LuttnerCheri Luttner Posts: 1Member
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    I purchased a male schnauzer from Linda Peck at schnauzer paradise in 2004. He is the most wonderful dog I have ever had!!! His temperment is loving and friendly! unlike other schnauzers I have known. Murray is 9years old and has NEVER had any health issues! I have had many people say they could take him in a heart beat!!! I would purchase from Schnauzer Paradise again!!!
  • Judy FaschJudy Fasch Posts: 1Member
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  • keith Brockkeith Brock Posts: 1Member
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    Stay far away I got a dog from Mrs. Peck on jan 26th. In our email correspondence, she stated: Roxy is a sweet dog,,,,, i do hope you will love her,,,,,, if she does not work out,, for you,,, then let us know and we will get her back,,,,,,,, hows that??? She used the dog to breed puppies and she said she would give the dog to me since she was retiring I emailed her after a few days of having the dog urinate in the house, that it wasn't working out that she didn't seem to being adjusting well, she responded by saying she would not take the dog back despite her earlier promise to. Her website lists a 7 day guarantee and she said because i did not pay for the dog, she does not have to honor it I took the dog to vet and was told that the dog has a urinary infection, while the medication has not worked and i know am being told it needs a $500-600 bladder surgery.
  • Julie CovertJulie Covert Buffalo, NY-Blasdell-HamburgPosts: 1Member
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    why in God's name would you buy a puppy when 4 million get put to sleep every year simply because there aren't enough homes for them all. Type "Schnauzer rescue" in your browser or visit and adopt! There is a rescue for every breed there is!


  • Jeff SJeff S Posts: 1Member
    I'm not familiar with the dog breeding business. So I'm not sure on how to comment on if this is a "Puppy Mill" or not. What I can tell you is that Linda Peck promised me a AKC registered puppy with full registration. When she handed me the paperwork she stapled her business card over the word "Continental" on the form. When I returned home I removed the business card and found that the paperwork was for "Continental Kennel Club" and not the American Kennel Club. After taking her to the vet, the vet verified she is healthy so far, however the bet stated the dog came from a puppy mill. I have been asking Linda for months for a picture of the mother & father and she keeps promising to provide them but has yet to do so.
  • jodi alstonjodi alston Posts: 1Member
    I got my 2 schnauzers from Schnauzer Paradise last march.. Male Ozzy, black & silver and female Sabrina is a white schnauzer.. they are the best pups ever.. never been sick, never dysteria, always playful and fun.. I am planning on getting a parti from them also.,. They are great puppies!! recommend!
  • Although many of posts are old, I would like to defend Mrs. Peck & Schnauzers Paradise. I bought my first Schnauzer- LuLu 11 years ago. she was a wonderful, intelligent dog & we actually used her as a therapy dog for 5 years; She looked forward to interacting with the patients at the nursing home. Unfortunately, she passed away last month. When we got her, I didn't see any PUPPY MILL signs. Dogs had room to run, were well cared for & were allowed to interact with her family . The only caged animals were those that had just given birth & were nursing. We are currently waiting for our second puppy from Mrs. Peck. As for adopting from SPCA, I am all for it, but they didn't have a dog I wanted since I need one to train as a therapy dog for my disabled husband & he wanted a puppy " like our LuLu. Don't judge until you have the facts. I've been to a puppy mill & I can tell you that Schnauzers Paradise is NOT one of them. You need to watch the Pet stores for sick Pups.
  • Sherry VanceSherry Vance Posts: 1Member
    Yes ,I would refer anyone to them if they wanted to by a schnazuer ,I loss my first schnauzer that I had for 12 and half in November of 2013 .it broke my heart .but my husband got me one from Ms.Peck and she is in great health per the vet we took her to.We was so happy with her that we went back on July 4 2014, and got another little female and we are going back the first of august to pick up another puppy. As far as we are concern Linda you do a wonderful job !!!!!!!!
  • Laura CombsLaura Combs Posts: 1Member
    I bought a male Schnauzer from Mrs Peck in 2008, I met the family, and viewed all the puppies & adult dogs, they were very well taken care of. My Niklos is very smart, he has NEVER been sick in the 6 years I've had him. He has the prettiest shiny coat. I just put my order in for another male puppy. I would highly recommend Schnauzer Paradise, they truly care about their dogs & treat them all like family.
  • Karen MickeyKaren Mickey Posts: 1Member
    We purchased a puppy from Schnauzer Paradise. It will be 2 years this August 2015. We love our dog. He has a fantastic temperament and personality and knock on wood no health issues. He is great with our other dog, cats and kids of all ages ( have older sons but young nieces around). I was surprised by all the cages too when I arrived but they appeared clean and I figured there must be a reason for them. There were many dogs running around outside that were fun and friendly. I would purchase another puppy or dog from them but now that I am aware of the rescues out there I may opt to give one of those less fortunate dogs a home. I love animals. I got the impression Linda was/is very careful when retiring a dog. Linda spent plenty of time talking with us leading up the time we made a deposit and picked up our puppy. If you are curious just go visit her home and ask.
  • Mariana AlvarezMariana Alvarez Posts: 1Member
    Don't believe what you read on the internet. I recently drove from Virginia Beach, VA to Grantsville, WV. I went to purchase one puppy and I left with two. Linda and her family are amazing people. This is not a puppy mill. They raise their puppies inside and give them so much love and space to play in. I love my new family members Rocky and Apollo. A big plus is the Price, I searched and all price were $800+. Mrs. Peck has great prices. I would totally recommend her and her schnauzers.
  • pcsandmotorcyclespcsandmotorcycles Posts: 1Member
    I also caution everybody here not to believe what they read on the internet.  I recently had the harrowing experience of finding a breeder for miniature schnauzers after 3 years without a dog.  My previous two died in 2015 at 15 years old.  My previous breeder had retired, and since puppy mills are a big problem I didn't know who to turn to.  Also, since money was an issue (particularly after setting aside an appropriate fund for vet care, quality food, and everything else) I didn't have many choices.  Whatever idiots who have never met her may say, Linda is an honest breeder of good schnauzers.  My puppy is the image of a healthy schnauzer, has an almost scary intelligence, and is the light of my life.  More importantly it IS a proper mini.  This was my first CKC dog ever.  I was skeptical of that, but since I have no interest in show or breeding it didn't matter much.  I wanted a quality schnauzer.  I have met quite a few AKC registered schnauzers that weren't schnauzers, at least purely.  They shed, even when properly groomed.  A good pure bred mini shouldn't  this comes into play with me because they also caused my dog allergies to flare up.  A good schnauzer will not.  His hair is silky soft as should be, and his temperament (and size/shape) is spot on for the breed.  I would recommend Schnauzer paradise to any person whose top criteria is a quality dog.  If AKC registration is that important to you, there are other breeders that will gladly take twice the price from you for a possibly inferior dog.  You might get one just as good as my Pepper Jack, but you can't do better.
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