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Natasha Dela CruzNatasha Dela Cruz Posts: 2Member
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Hi! I'm new to Dogster and hoping to hear from some other Aussie owners and get some feedback. We have recently decided to add a second pup to our family and have all agreed on an Australian Shepherd… We have found a breeder in the area and were given a choice of 2 remaining Aussies. My children fell in love with the runt. (I can't lie he is a sweetie… and my first choice too). After placing our deposit I came home to do some more research and of course google has done nothing but worry me about choosing the runt of the litter. We will of course have him vet checked and tested after we pick him up and he does come with a guarantee. I guess I am just scared that we have all fallen in love with him and the "what ifs" are still lingering in the back of my mind. Does anyone have a runt Australian Shepherd with any advice? How has your Aussie grown up… smaller than average? Did you feed any supplements when you brought him/her home? Thanks in advance for any information. *Also looking for any one syllable male name suggestions so we can finally stop calling him 'no name'! Right now we have… Inx, Jax and Dex as our top 3 :)


  • Natasha Dela CruzNatasha Dela Cruz Posts: 2Member
    edited 5 March, 2015
    Update: We received a phone call from the seller to let us know that the puppy is not growing properly. The vet has informed them that he has a neurological disorder and will have to be put down. The seller had offered us the last puppy from the litter, however we decided to look for a more experienced breeder. Not saying anything negative about the family that were breeding these Aussies… they were kind and attentive to the needs of the dogs. Just saying there is a whole lot more to breeding than buying two purebred dogs and hoping they make a good match. What did I learned from this experience? Do your research! Don't just settle on a puppy you find on a classified ad… ask questions! After speaking with a reputable breeder I learned that knowing the history, proper tests and a healthy puppy is worth every penny. And go with your gut feelings… I knew in my heart something was not right with this poor pup. We have found a breeder just outside Toronto and have been matched with a handsome Red Tri boy. He will be ready to join our family this weekend! His name will be Inx, short for his registered name: Cheynat's Inx N Art Named after our business. He's our new mascot… my excuse to have him with me at work in the studio!
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    i did all the wrong things. I got the runt because she was the only girl. I got from a breeder that didnt give me any kind of garantee, and I realized later that my puppy is a merle merle mix, although it has little white on it. I would love if someone could answer Natashas first question.
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