Urine Carpet cleaning soultion?

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Hey guys I need your suggestions for a good urine smell eraser? We clean our carpets about every 6 months (with a rental RugDoctor) and with our new baby girl she's of course been having accidents. And more recently she seems to continue to pee in the same area. We have a spot bot we used to clean it but a few days ago it stopped working. Anywho we are having the carpets cleaned next week and my question is should I get a pet safe urine smell remover? What a good brand or type to get out urine smells as well as other stains/dirt?


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    i use vinegar. i put it in my steamer. i think it works better than anything you can buy. sometimes i mix oxyclean with it, if i didn't get to the stain fast enough. they will keep going in the same spot unless you get rid of the odor completely. vinegar will do that. i have found the most important thing is getting to it quickly. not always possible if you are not there or it's in a corner no one looks at. lol. both dogs sleep in my room, on my bed. ladybug, the newest one, wakes up really early. i have learned to jump up and let her out. my room started to smell and i couldn't find any spots. so i steamed the whole room 2x and no new smells and no accidents. and i'm get up as soon as she licks my face because now i know that means....hurry i need to pee
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    I use Unique pet stain and odor eliminator. It's this non-pathenogenic bacterial cleaner that supposedly eats the proteins in urine. The only problem with it is that it takes time and towels. You mix it up, saturate the area, and cover the area with a warm wet towel for 4 hours or so, and it just goes away. My vet was the one that reccomended it to me, mostly because it works on carpet, laundry, and upholstery, and it's non toxic. This was especially important for Taggert, who likes to hike his leg on the dirty laundry every once in a while. Other than that, vinegar, lemon and water mixed with a little borax works too. I think they put the recipe for it on the borax boxes. vodka and lemon juice works as a makeshift febreeze.
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    Good suggestions so far. I use Nature's Miracle or SoX. If you choose a professional product you want something without ammonia & hopefully some enzymes.
  • Christa PraterChrista Prater Duluth, GAPosts: 61Member
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    We recently used CitruSolutions carpet cleaning and they left us a bottle of their pet solution. I have never had a solution that works so well. It took care of stains that had been in the carpet for years as well as fresh spots. I am not sure if this company is in your area, but they are worth a call.
  • JENNIFER BERGERONJENNIFER BERGERON Rockford, IllinoisPosts: 2,125Member
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    If you can find a product called "OdorMute" I highly recommend it. Its an enzyme cleaner that can be used in carpet cleaners, spray bottles, laundry, etc. =; ETA: Link: http://pets.odormute.com/default.html
  • Stephanie WolekStephanie Wolek MurfreesboroPosts: 455Member
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    I've had good luck with Nature's Miracle. Arm and Hammer's pet stain remover works great but it unfortunately bleaches my bed room carpet.
  • Renee BelloRenee Bello Posts: 193Member
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    Do you guys use aple cider or white vinegar?
  • Renee BelloRenee Bello Posts: 193Member
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    Also, not to hijack but how do you guys clean? do you drench the carpet and let it evaporate/dry or do you spray and scrub?
  • Rachel HenneyRachel Henney AcampoPosts: 1,377Member ✭✭
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    Thanks so much guys I called and asked my vet and they said any brand with "urine remover" should work fine and I added vinegar NO more stains and she's only had ONE accident in the last month *knock on wood" Yippie thanks so much guys!
  • jonca merunjonca merun Posts: 1Member
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    Add venigar & Lemon for simple solution..It works really good and Simple solution is designed specially for removing pet odors and stains...You can get it at many pet stores. For smell eraser we add venigar & Lemon in that solution.. Definitely it shows the best result... Carpet Cleaning Chicago, fire and water damage restoration
  • tammy holltammy holl Posts: 1Member
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    If carpet is non-absorbent material then clean it with household cleaners.If it was adsorbent or fabric material go for steam cleaning. Applying deodorants to the carpet face will only add a scent to the odor. By this we can get rid of smell. black mold removal
  • Nazarine TersteggeNazarine Terstegge Posts: 234Member
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    I've been blotting with paper towels, then use 50/50 vinegar and water, blot, blot, blot. I let it dry a bit and sprinkle baking soda on it, then vacuum. I like the vinegar because it's cheap, safe for pets and kids, and it works! I can even soak bedding in the washing machine with vinegar.
  • Crystal FerryCrystal Ferry Gavilan Hills/RiversidePosts: 827Member
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    My all time favorite is Nature's Miricle. It has a money back guarantee and it works great! It even got the cat urine smell out of my bathroom rugs!
  • mickey minimickey mini Posts: 1Member
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    Well pets creates so much smell in carpets well earlier i was using the mixture of vinegar and baking soda but yet odour comes it is not that much worthy that creates so much fuzz by using vacuum cleaner ,due this i simply prefer to take the services by the carpet cleaning service providers , they uses the machinery and the liquid agents that makes our carpets germ free and kept clean.Ever they are very cheap they took only 2 euros to clean it .It is far better than cleaning it by own.
  • Katherine PierceKatherine Pierce Posts: 1Member
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    Hiring a carpet cleaning expert would be a wise decision. Since, with the kids it becomes difficult to manage all the things. The professionals offer services on weekly, monthly and yearly basis. You can call them accordingly. They have methods and technologies that permanently removes odor and stains once cleaned. The odor won't come back. Preston Carpet Cleaning
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    Good suggestions so far. Anderson Carpet Cleaning INC
  • treesamayj maytreesamayj may Posts: 3Member
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    There are several stubborn stains such as red wine, coffee, berry juice, tomato sauce stains, chocolate, grease stains etc. It is better to browse blogs on various supplies and instructions to get rid of carpet stains. We hired professional home cleaning services for quality house cleaning and to know more quick cleaning tips. They fix all the stain problems quickly with some tips.
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    Using vinegar is the most effective remedy for removing stains of urine.
  • Kathy ToddKathy Todd KingstonPosts: 3,607Member
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    I use Nature's Miracle on the carpet for everything, urine, food, vomit etc. Great success with it! In the dog run I used to use OdourMute (when I had multiple dogs) and it worked really well to remove the odour.
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    Vinegar and baking soda are amazing. I have a lot of cleaners in my home because of stockpiling but I always buy vinegar and baking soda and keep it around...it comes in handy for SO many things!
  • Shawn BryantShawn Bryant Posts: 2Member
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    Actually You can use many methods for cleaning your carpets such as vacuuming, washing the carpets with detergents or soap and shampoos. Bicarbonate soda can also be used for stains. But since carpets are of different textures and materials therefore, it is advisable to take the help of professionals. They know the correct chemicals and methods to be used according to the material of your carpet. water damage restoration east prairie
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    My vet uses OdoBan and they sell it in Home Depot for less than $3.00. I've been using it for a few days and so far so good. It also cleans and disinfects.
  • If it's asier to delegate the task, consider using future cleaning services
  • ericblarericblar Posts: 1Member
    It's not easier to do area rug cleaning as said it need right cleaning product and right technique to clean it.
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