Best Teeth Brushing Options

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I need to start brushing Hank's teeth. After 5 months out of the shelter (and nearing the end of her rambunctious puppy stage), I think she's finally settled down enough to start brushing her teeth. :)) Which tooth brush/toothpaste do you recommend? Should I use a standard type tooth brush or the finger tooth brush. Hank has a very large mouth. Has anyone used Proden PlaqueOff for Dogs? Your thoughts? Thanks for your help Dogsters! ~d..


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    My friend used the finger toothbrush and it kept falling off her finger, so she ended up just using a regular toothbrush. I think as far as toothpaste goes, the plack off is good, but I'd also use the peppermint pet's life jell in addition so that Hank will have fresh breath all the time. Another thing I think that would be worth investing in is the orapup tongue cleaner as bacteria mostly collects on the dog's tongue. They make the brush in different flavours so that the dog will actually use the brush on his own. :) So yeah, there's lots of options to consider. :-k
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    I just use a soft bristle baby toothbrush for Lily. It does the job and they are typically cheaper than "doggie toothbrushes". Since Hank has a large mouth you could probably just use a regular soft bristle toothbrush instead of a baby size one. For toothpaste I recommend Virbac CET Toothpaste. My picky pup LOVES the "Seafood Flavor" and thinks it's an extra special treat, which helps make brushing her teeth really easy.
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    I can answer a little bit. We use petrodex because of the flavor. The dogs love the taste. We use the toothbrushes you get at the pet store. As for the one that goes on the finger, I remember our vet said it might be easier for a dog who moves around more. You have more control and can tell when you are reaching the teeth. We used the finger one with Scooter because she can be a pain in the patootie. :))
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    I prefer using organic toothbrushes for brushing my pet's teeth. It's definitely better than using those plastic brushes. There is a big amount of toxins in plastic so a bamboo toothbrush is a better option. I tried other wooden brushes too but bamboo is better because it's hard for the dog to bite through it. 
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    I have a large breed dog as well and I use a toothbrush. I've tried the finger brushes but his mouth is just too big. I use coconut oil for toothpaste. It contains lauric acid which kills the bacteria in their mouth that causes bad breath. For plaque prevention, I use Plaque-off powder. It is amazing. He used to have plaque and over the course of about two months, the plaque had softened and I was able to brush it away with my daily routines. I also use Bluestem, which is a water additive. Unlike some of the cheap brands, I'm noticed that it doesn't just mask the bad breath with mint. I use the unflavoured/unscented one which has no smell and my dog's breath is basically odourless. There are lots of other options and I recently published a blog about pet dental care that has some more options that you could try if you're looking to enhance your dog's dental routine.  Hope this helps!
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