Planning to get a dog, but I don't know where to get one

I am planning to have a dog after I move out of my house and I'm not sure where to get the right dog. I have a local shelter nearby, and I have come to take a look at the dogs, but most of them are the wrong breed and the wrong size. My shelter also tends to lie on the breeds sometimes. If there is some sort of a large mutt/pit bull-looking dog, they just call it a lab mix, even when it doesn't look like one at all. I am looking for a small-ish dog, like a west highland terrier or a pocket beagle, but like most shelters, they don't have those breeds very often and when they do, they are usually very old seniors(like about 14 years old) or picked up right away. Our shelter doesn't have much variety in breeds, most are pit bulls or chihuahuas, which aren't the breeds that I like that much, even though those breeds are the most euthanized of all. I am also considering buying a puppy from a reputable breeder, but most "breeders" of the dogs that I want ended up being either puppy mills or brokers, which really upsets me. Should I keep waiting until the shelter miraculously has a beagle or a westie available or should I just buy a beagle or westie from breeder? I don't mind if it is mixed as long as it is not too old and is not extremely mixed to the point that it doesn't look or act like the breeds I prefer (e.g. a more chihuahua/greyhound-looking dog than the dachshund mixed that it was described as, that actually happened to me when I was looking to adopting a dachshund puppy at that time). Please help.


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