Over protective and aggressive

Wendy GillWendy Gill Posts: 1Member
edited 4 January, 2009 in American Eskimo Dog
I have a 2 yr old eskimo female and she is very protective over my self and my husband can not get near him and when he gets up to leave for work or bed she goes into an aggressive mood and it gets scary. What can I do to help this situation? Help Help Skylee


  • Emily RobinsonEmily Robinson Stoneybrook, OrlandoPosts: 9Member
    edited 8 April, 2008
    You need to work dilligently in some training with your dog, even a behaviorist if necessary. I\'m not sure if her behavior is too late for something like NILF, but don\'t let her be the boss of your house, this only reinforces bad behavior. If possible, I would probably recommend a behaviorist!
  • Judy PuntJudy Punt Posts: 6Member
    edited 20 July, 2008
    You should always show her that you are the boss.
  • Tonya ColeTonya Cole LafayettePosts: 10Member
    edited 21 July, 2008
    paying someone like a behaviorist or trainer is smart but if you don't want to pay someone just turn on your tv to the ANIMAL PLANET and there is a good show that i like to watch called It's Me or the Dog and the trainer Victoria shows many ways to make your dog behave and put you back in charge. I watch it everyday and work with my Eskie a lot, and we are both benifiting.
  • Kaylee KruppKaylee Krupp Posts: 2Member
    edited 4 January, 2009
    my eskie does the exact same thing. my best friends son is 2 years old and my dog adores him. if you even try to kiss the baby he gets mad and even tries to bite you. he also does not like if you hit someone, he will attack you. my brothers think its a fun little game to "beat each other up" and see who pup will attack first. we've been trying to train him for a year now, but i think maybe its just the breed... just so you know you aren't alone in this!
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